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Beautifully.Botanic Series: Succulent Hydroponics

For those of you who enjoy plants, unique home decor, are interested in succulents or hydroponics, please read on to see how EASY this can be! Disclaimer-  I am by no means an expert or horticulturist. I am like many of you- a gardener, plant parent and collector who enjoys experimenting and thinking outside the box! This post is to share my experiences and what I've learned, mostly through research and trial and error, so lets get into it! What are Succulents? They're a species of plants who have adapted themselves to thrive in hot, dry, desert-like conditions. They are drought tolerant and can survive long periods without water. A main reason this is possible is due to their unique cells which absorb and store water in their walls. You can usually tell them apart from other plants by their more swollen, plump leave and stems, however, this isn't true across ALL succulents species. For example, Sempervivums, "Hen and Chicks" (

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